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Sustainable real estate management through ESG strategies and digitalization

Anker Nachhaltigket


In an era in which sustainability is becoming increasingly important, the topic of “Environmental Social Governance” – ESG for short – is also increasingly coming into focus in the real estate industry. This not only influences ongoing operations, but also the valuation of real estate.

We recognize that sustainability is not only an ethical obligation, but also an opportunity to mitigate risks and maximize long-term returns through sustainable property management.

Our ever-growing range of sustainable property management services covers a variety of aspects, including energy efficiency, water and waste management, etc. By continuously optimizing these areas, we can not only minimize the environmental impact of your property, but also reduce operating costs and sustainably increase property value.

Our services include:

Agreement and implementation of sustainable parameters in rental contracts “green-lease”

Optimization of heating, cooling and lighting systems

Examination of the use of renewable energy sources

Development and implementation of strategies for waste prevention, separation and recycling

Consistent data digitization within the scope of legal possibilities

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